Water Hyacinth Handbag

Water Hyacinth Handbag

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Handwoven, stylish and beautiful water hyacinth handbag for the dynamic you! Be it for a party, shopping or outing with friends, this handmade bag with intricate design is your perfect accompaniment. It has ample space for your essentials and easy to carr
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This handbag can store your stuff for travel such as food, wallet, glasses, cell phone, cosmetics, etc.

A perfect gift idea: A great gift for your mother, wife, lover, family, and friends.

Perfect for beach, travel, party, shopping, dating, camping, or as an everyday bag.

This is the TOP 10 HIT BAGS FOR WOMEN: If you are a fashionista, this is the best choice for you.

100% HANDMADE, NATURAL, UNIQUE AND CHIC: Made from 100% natural water hyacinth fiber with elaborate handwoven knit by Vietnamese Artisans.